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"Rapunzel laß dein Haar herab"

Jeden Sonntag ab 15.00 Uhr können Sie live miterleben, wie Rapunzel ihr Haar herab lässt

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The old town of Trendelburg has two parts - one is the small town on the hill and the other is the castle. Trendelburg is more than 700 years old. The houses around are typical frame work houses built for agriculture. All around the streets you can look to the fairy-tale pictures inside the lanterns.

The castle was from the beginning a centre of the region with military presence. Now it is a fairytale hotel with Rapunzel tower. Into the tower people can go and walk upstairs to the top. It is nearly 40 m high. Inside the tower is the old prison and pictures of fairytale stories. At Sunday Rapunzel shows her long hair. The entrance to the castle is a small gate.  First you must go across the old drawbridge and the castle ditch. Then you reach the castle court and the great hall. Now it is a hotel with 16 rooms. Inside one tower with frame work are six rooms. 

The castle court has a special fascinating atmosphere. On one side the monumental old buildings made of sandstone and at the other side the deepness when you look down the wall. The castle ditch is now filled. Down the hill the river flows through hills and other small villages. From the castle wall we look to the valley with river Diemel. There you see the old mill. Inside is now an electricity turbine.

Two big 200 years old chestnut trees stand here, on the ground is cobbled paving. You can go inside the tower, the palace, the restaurant or the edge tower. One edge tower is for wellness - also the small white house. A destroyed tower is the only ruin part.

The restaurant has two rooms. A big picture at the wall shows the castle 500 years ago. Next room is the former castle chapel. There is wooden art work of former castle owner Mr. Adalbert von Stockhausen. On the wall of the floor there are special hangings - tapestry, weapons and ancient pictures. Two stairways exist - one made of stone - goes to the cellar, the other wooden stairway leads up. Also woodcarvings of the family von Stockhausen and the Prussian king Friedrich the great is here to see. The first floor with wall covering and a voyage chest is the belle floor. Different bigger or smaller rooms are on this floor. The biggest room is for wedding or conference. Two oil pictures show the Prussian king and later emperor Wilhelm I. and Bismarck. In the small room next door are an about 100 years old piano and a small library.

The protestant church is the gothic church of Maria. There are three big wall frescos – one shows the three kings (Epiphany) and Jesus child, Maria and Joseph. The motives of the other monumental wall paintings are Christophorus with the Jesus child on his back and the death of Jesus at the crucifix. An about 500 year old tombstone (epitaph) shows a knight made by a sculptor in high quality. The church windows are modern or date from the 19th. century. The story of the life of Jesus is theme of the modern windows. 
The frame work town hall is always used as home of the mayor - until today.